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 When you as a prospective client, first contact me, I provide a free 20 minute phone consultation for you to share what you are looking for from therapy and to assess if I would be a good fit your needs. If you would like to proceed, then I schedule an initial assessment to get a fuller picture of each of your concerns and to talk collaboratively about how we could work together to address those concerns. I am currently in network with Aetna, and also help clients bill their out of network insurance benefits with other insurance providers. I may be able to offer one of my sliding scale spots if you are unable to afford the full fee and do not have insurance with one of the providers listed above. This initial in person appointment typically lasts 60 minutes and is the time when we will discuss fees and come up with a plan that will work best for you. If after our first meeting, it appears that I would not be the right fit for your needs, I will gladly share some other treatment recommendations to help you find the form of support that will work best for you.

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After our initial consultation/assessment has occurred, I will talk with you about what you could expect from individual therapy based on the needs and concerns you have communicated. You may only require a few sessions to address a particular problem or you may be looking for ongoing long-term therapy to get regular and consistent support. I typically schedule weekly sessions at the beginning of our work together, but we can explore what frequency of sessions works best for you. Throughout my work with you, I will elicit feedback to better explore how I can tailor my approach to your individual needs. I believe that therapy is most successful when you feel empowered to ask questions and share feedback with me, and this is a process I welcome.  Most of my sessions are typically 55 minutes in length, but I do schedule 45 minute sessions if that is preferable for you.

Though I do specialize in working with food and body image concerns, I am trained in and enjoy working with a wide variety of concerns such as anxiety, depression, gender identity exploration, trauma, grief, relationship concerns, college mental health issues, cultural identity development/exploration, and postpartum/new parenting concerns. 

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