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Exploring, identifying, and living out one's definition of gender can be challenging in a society in which a gender binary is reinforced. My goal is to help trans* and gender expansive individuals find a safe space to explore their gender identity, and how to express that gender in a way that feels most congruent for them. Individual therapy can be a helpful place to explore this part of your identity, and also seek support around the stigma, oppression, and challenge that trans* and gender expansive individuals often face in our society.

In addition to individual therapy, I also provide gender confirmation letters for clients who are seeking hormone replacement therapy or gender confirmation surgery, and have doctors/surgeons that require letters. I do not have a set number of sessions required, but do utilize WPATH guidelines to guide this assessment process. Whether the goal is to seek a letter or engage in supportive therapy, I aim to work collaboratively with my clients to explore how to best meet their goals. I was a part of the Transgender Care team at the University of Oregon, where I both provided letters and explored ways our center could best advocate for trans* and gender expansive clients. I am passionate about helping clients further explore a gender identity that is most congruent for them, and how to best live out, express, and relate to others in their congruent gender identity.